Waiuku Health Plus Physiotherapy in Waiuku Franklin for all your Physiotherapy, Hand Therapy, Massage therapy, Manipulation, Exercise Prescription for Sports Injuries, Neck and Back Pain and Occupational Injuries.

About us

At Waiuku Health Plus Physiotherapy we are passionate about wellness and giving you the highest level of care in treating your current injury or complaint and emphasising the importance of giving you preventative tools to keep you injury free and out doing what you enjoy.

All physiotherapists are highly experienced manual therapists that focus on giving you hands on treatment and quality time on assessing and treating your injury. We provide a wide range of services for treating conditions such as neck and back pain, sports and soft tissue injuries, spinal and joint dysfunction, nerve pain, occupational overuse injuries and headaches are all commonly and successfully treated.

Our team

Robynne Armstrong is our senior Hand Therapist in the clinic who is an experienced physio with expert skills at treating all hand and wrist injuries and will customise splints in your treatment time if clinically needed. Under the ACC contract your first session is subsidised. Robynne will also treat all areas of the body for any sports, occupational or spinal injury.

Nicci Burnett is the newest addition to our physio team. Nicci has a strong passion for the holistic approch to rehabilitation and intergrates her methods to best treat her clients. She uses a diverse range of treatment ranging from myofascial release therapy, massage, dry needling, and manual therapy just to name a few. Nicci is also in charge of all our exercise rehabilitation programs .

Contact us today

But prevention is the key so contact us today on 09 235 9192 ext 2 to book in your physio, hand therapy, or massage therapy appointment at Waiuku Physio.

Waiuku Health Plus Physio is an ACC registered and subsidised physio practise located at 30 Constable Road, Waiuku.